Coclico’s passion for well-designed and well-crafted shoes is also applied to finding ethical and environmentally responsible materials and manufacturing.

This process is an amalgam of materials with character and qualities that will evolve over time and the choice of authenticity over illusion.

Coclico uses accredited tanneries with an emphasis on vegetable-tanned leathers. These leathers yield a unique patina with age.

Natural components such as wood and cork are not a façade of the material. It is solid, pure material to its core.

Organic linens, recycled cork for internal platforms, recycled foam, non-chrome leather lining and lead free / nickel free hardware belie the quiet integrity we insist to be part of our final product.

Whenever possible, these components are sourced from regional suppliers, close to the production facility in Mallorca, Spain. This facility is noted for providing living wages, high safety standards, and environmental reliability.

Coclico is about well-made beautiful shoes and, ultimately, about the women who wear them. When the designs are worn and loved, their reason for being is fulfilled.